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Looking Ahead  

Today, the council faces a unique new challenge - to ensure consumer welfare, while also safeguarding the reputations of manufacturers and brands. And this opens up an opportunity to take the CFBP’s role to a new level. The need of the hour is to reorient the functions of the CFBP in order to make it relevant in the present day and age. The plan is to make the CFBP a conduit for consumers to access manufacturers directly, instead of venting their issues online where it is largely in the public domain and not very healthy for the image of the brand. This would start with getting the CFBP good traction with the public so that people are aware of its goals and activities. Simultaneously, consumer awareness programmes by way of workshops, seminars and other awareness initiatives would have to bestepped up. And finally, consumers would be provided with a Mobile App, using which they can send detailed reports of their issues, directly to the relevant people in the concerned companies, thus speeding up the process of responding to complaints.