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Redressal Of Consumer Complaints

As a part of its charter, the CFBP seeks to rectify wrong trade conduct which might have displeased a consumer and make sure that such a grievance is redressed in a just manner.

Upon receiving a complaint from a consumer, the Consumer Grievances Redressal Committee, comprising of eminent consumer activists and headed by Ms. Asha Idnani, first screens it to ascertain its merits. Next, a letter is written to the organization against which the complaint has been received, requesting it to redress the grievance promptly. Wherever necessary, a meeting is arranged between both parties to facilitate a mutually acceptable settlement. The complaint is also posted on the CFBP website to give the respective organization an opportunity to respond and it is graded on the speed and nature of its response.

The Legal Cell, consisting of leading consumer lawyers headed by Mr. Anand Patwardhan, met on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month to hear complainants in person and advise them suitably in resolving their grievances.

In certain cases, the CFBP might help a consumer fight for a case in a consumer court by providing the necessary counselling, if the matter escalates to that level.

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